Dr. Leah K. Morabito

Radio Astronomer, University of Oxford



I am an astronomer using radio telescopes to answer fundamental questions on how super-massive black holes co-evolve with the galaxies in which they reside. My specialty is high-resolution imaging at low frequencies, using a Square Kilometre Array pathfinder telescope, the Low Frequency Array. I am currently a Hintze Fellow and the Millard and Lee Alexander Postdoctoral Fellow at Christ Church, University of Oxford. Outside of work, I am an avid reader, I love to sew, and I row for Christ Church!

My Research

Qualifications & CV

PhD, Leiden University
October 2012 - September 2016
"Radio Galaxies at Low Frequencies: high spatial and spectral resolution studies with LOFAR"
Supervisor: Huub Rottgering

MSc, University of Oklahoma
September 2009 - May 2012
"Active Galactic Nuclei: from Supermassive Black Holes to Rare FeLoBALs"
Supervisor: Xinyu Dai

BSc, University of Michigan
September 2001 - April 2005
Double major in Physics and Astronomy

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I am committed to helping promote gender equality in Physics. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, I was one of the three co-founders for the Society of Women in Physics (SWiP). Currently I am the President of the Oxford Women in Physics Society, which was founded by Jena Meinecke several years ago. The society aims to provide a welcoming support network for women in Physics at Oxford, and help facilitate their career development.

Let's Get In Touch!

Feel free to send me an email or find me on github or orcid!